The Purpose School

Courses to help you as you fulfill your God-given purpose

The Purpose School has online courses that guide you along the journey of fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. The courses empower you to fulfill your earthly assignment.  

The flagship course at The Purpose School is The Purpose E-Course. It teaches you how to know your purpose with conviction so you can take action steps with boldness.  

Do you wonder which direction to take as you execute your purpose?

The Purpose School will direct you to the right place.

Each course it tailor-made to help you take action steps in the direction God is leading you.
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Course Instructor

Josephine Ngatia, The Purpose School

Josephine Ngatia

Author, Christian Writer & EBook Publisher

Hi, Welcome to The Purpose SchoolIt is a product of my purpose which is to take others through the journey of purpose and self-awareness. I have learned how to harness my gift of writing to create information products. The Purpose E-Course is one of the courses offered here. 

You can find Christian articles and special reports on my blog titled: The Urban Christian

I help new Christian authors in Kenya publish eBooks through my publishing website: WordPower Publishing Kenya.

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