God created You for a Purpose

You don't have to struggle to know it

Do you want to know God’s purpose for your life? Are you plagued by doubts about the purpose you “discovered”? Would you like to know your purpose with conviction? 

The Purpose E-Course has your answers. 

When you use “methods” to discover your life’s purpose, you are faced with doubts and wonder if it is the real one. When you don’t know your purpose with conviction, you will hesitate to take steps to do the work God has in store for you. 

God created you for a purpose and never intended for you to struggle to know it. Man cannot tell you what your purpose is, only God can. God had a purpose on earth and chose you to fulfill it. 

Begin the journey of fulfilling your life’s purpose today by registering for The Purpose E-Course. It will guide you as you seek God to know the assignment He has for you on earth.  


  • It's time to know your purpose

    God longs to reveal His purpose for your life. The Purpose E-Course will guide you as you seek God to know your purpose.

  • Learn at your pace

    The course is designed to last four to six weeks. Take your time as you learn and listen to God.

  • Affordable price

    The Purpose E-Course is affordable. For only $50 you get the guidance you need plus wisdom to last you a lifetime.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Lesson 1: Set Apart for a Purpose
    • Lesson 2: Purpose Myths
    • Lesson 3: Authenticity of Purpose
  • 3


    • Lesson 4: Purpose is Eternal
    • Lesson 5: Purpose is Generational
    • Lesson 6: You are a Solution Provider
    • Lesson 7: Accountable to the Father
  • 4


    • Lesson 8: Relationship Between Purpose & Identity
    • Lesson 9: Lost Sense of Purpose & Identity
    • Lesson 10: Family Patterns
    • Lesson 11: Your Identity
  • 5


    • Lesson 12: God's Reconciliation Plan
    • Lesson 13: Salvation
    • Lesson 14: The Holy Spirit
  • 6


    • Lesson 15: What Gives You Conviction About Your Purpose?
    • Lesson 16: Three Errors That Lead to a Lack of Conviction About Your Purpose
    • Lesson 17: The Error of Looking into Your Past to Know Your Purpose
    • Lesson 18: The Revelation
  • 7


    • Lesson 19: Write The Vision
    • Lesson 20: Engaging Your Gift, Passion & Skills
    • Lesson 21: Platform
    • Lesson 22: 4 Levels To Engage Your Purpose
  • 8


    • Lesson 23: Preparation for Purpose
    • Lesson 24: Invisible Barriers
  • 9


    • Lesson 25: Provision
    • Lesson 26: Rewards
  • 10


    • Lesson 27: Start With What You Have
    • Lesson 28: Life Transition, not Career Transition
    • Wisdom Nuggets


Payment for The Purpose E-Course is made in one installment via PayPal. You gain access to the course after making your payment.

Begin the journey today!

Gain clarity on your purpose and move into your God-given assignment with boldness.

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